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Apple promotes iPad for school

There’s a new TV ad from Apple extolling the potential of the iPad in classrooms.

A few months ago Edudemic posted this list of 50 Innovative Ways to Use an iPad in School.

What do you think? Does the iPad represent revolutionary technology for all teachers and students or simply another tool in the arsenal of the enthusiastic ones?

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  • Francesca

    Hi Carlton, hope you’re well! I’m currently working as a teaching assistant in NZ for a few months and I’ve found our ipad really useful for one of the children I work with who has special needs – there are lots of handwriting, maths and reading apps on there and the child really enjoys using it, which is half the battle!

  • Hi Francesca!

    Great to hear from you. Your experiences in NZ sound fascinating. Is it school policy to use the iPad with the children or something you’ve done on your own initiative? Do you know whether the teaching using it has been effective? I agree with you wholeheartedly that engagement is at least ‘ half the battle’!

    Thanks for your comment, it’s really nice to know you’ve been reading! x