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I’m delighted to announce that in a collaboration led by Richard Hudson from Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) and with Sean Duncan of Indiana University, I will be starting a new project in the New Year focussing on affinity spaces. Affinity spaces is a term coined by James Paul Gee to describe places (both virtual […]

What people think of Play with Learning

shaneCarlton delivered a course on Creativity that fundamentally changed the way that I and some of my colleagues approach our work. He possesses an engaging style and presents course material in a way that encourages introspection. Quickly gaining this positive rapport, he applies an acute knowledge of the Creative industry. His course was a real eye-opener for us. He doesn’t just get you thinking, he empowers you by making you aware of the steps you can take to achieve a more creative atmosphere in your business. Both I and our business have benefited greatly from our involvement with Carlton.

I can’t recommend both Carlton and Play with Learning highly enough.

adrianCarlton is a star. In a world full of charlatons and chancers, Carlton stands out as a someone who can be trusted, respected for his knowledge and experience, is passionate but realistic about the potential of digital media, creates excellent teams and delivers top quality stuff.
If you are looking for someone with pedigree and passion in the digital media production space then Carlton is someone to talk to!

holliCarlton brings great creativity, integrity and originality in his approach to work from the development stages through to completion. He combines a very interesting and unique set of skills and areas of interests and demonstrates high levels of knowledge across all of them, instilling great confidence in the client. Also a real pleasure to work with!