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Hello world!

Sometimes in life, something happens that provides the kick you need. Today, Rob Wilmot and Chris Brogan gave me that kick. (Thank you both).

I’ve been umming and ahhhing about a new blog for some time. My previous blog seemed to have run its course, describing the first few years of my little girl, Scarlett, and concluding at the birth of my boy, Jacob. A whimsical account. Almost entirely true. Almost entirely separate from my professional life.

This blog is different. It’s driven by my desire to think about learning, play and behaviour. It recognises that the more I learn, the less I know – not in a dispiriting way but in an eager, curious and wonder-filled way. Concepts, experiences and emotions where getting things wrong is a chance to try something else. I know: I sound a little tipsy. I do feel a little giddy. I might just have a little lie down.

This space gives me the chance to throw some ideas into the air and with your help, I hope, make a little more sense of them when they land.