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Join us at the new Play + Learn conference

I delighted to announce a brand new initiative focussing on play and learning in the UK. The inaugural Play+Learn conference will take place on 17-19 June 2015 at the University of Bradford. Play is our most elemental vehicle for learning, and new digital tools like games provide whole new worlds for exploration and interaction. Together we’ll explore how we can make learning and training more engaging […]

News that defined us

Helping young people to critically “read” the news is crucial if we are to develop a society that can make sense of unfolding events.  Increasingly, children are disengaged from “reliable” mainstream news organisation and instead use partisan or unsubstantiated sources for their information about current affairs and the world around them. The News that Defined […]

Merry Christmas!

This will be my last post of the year: I’m looking forward to spending a few work-free days with my family over Christmas.  I hope that you will be having a break too. Play with Learning is one year old and I am delighted with how things have turned out over the last twelve months. […]

Learning with George Auckland

george auckland by euan mcintosh George Auckland is an inspirational figure from the BBC.  Last night, to celebrate 41 years at the Corporation, Manchester Metropolitan University hosted an evening to flag his achievements. George retires as the head of the BBC’s Learning Innovation Unit having started his career as a trainee assistant film editor in September […]

Learning with Auntie

This week the BBC launched its new strategy for learning. Despite the unalloyed successes of the revision service Bitesize, the foolishly shelved creative offering for teenagers Blast and the sterling work of Adult Learning, the BBC has been frustratingly timid about its Charter-proclaimed educational remit for the last few years.  The reason for the half-heartedness was, no doubt, […]

The Week’s Review

Some of the articles that have caught my eye this week: Male modesty is a turn off for women (and men), at least in job interviews. From Rutgers University http://news.rutgers.edu/medrel/special-content/summer_2010/rutgers-study-finds-20100726 Send a picture of your face on the final shuttle missions. https://faceinspace.nasa.gov/index.aspx Cambridge study suggests that education reduces the risk of dementia http://brain.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/133/8/2210 (pdf). Here’s […]