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The Week’s Review

Some of the articles that have caught my eye this week:

Male modesty is a turn off for women (and men), at least in job interviews. From Rutgers University

Send a picture of your face on the final shuttle missions.

Cambridge study suggests that education reduces the risk of dementia (pdf).

Here’s Where the E-Learning Community Provides Practical Value

How the social web is transforming research data collection. From New Scientist

A beautifully written speech about the gift of intelligence, and the choice of kindness.

Delighted to hear that BBC Trust concludes Public Value Test not required for mobile apps

BBC News iPhone and iPad app launches in the UK. And it’s good. Story: itunes link:

A collection of videos from user experience experts courtesy of Smashing Magazine

10 Tools for Getting Web Design Feedback. From Mashable

How to use game mechanics top power your business. From Mashable.

The ups and downs of social networks. From the BBC.

More evidence, if it was needed, that education leadership has a major impact on student achievement.

Self questioning (Will I?) more motivational than self declaration (I will), apparently. From The Frontal Cortex

Interesting thoughts about why training isn’t working from TrainingZone

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