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Page-turning isn’t learning

Electronic page turning is the bane of e-learning.  The lazy tendency to translate traditional educational resources into the equivalent of online books undermines both the credibility and effectiveness of web-based learning because it ignores all the interactive potential of the medium.  Pressing ‘Next’ to move on a screen is a dumb device to progress.  It […]

The Week’s Review

Some of the articles that have caught my eye this week: Male modesty is a turn off for women (and men), at least in job interviews. From Rutgers University http://news.rutgers.edu/medrel/special-content/summer_2010/rutgers-study-finds-20100726 Send a picture of your face on the final shuttle missions. https://faceinspace.nasa.gov/index.aspx Cambridge study suggests that education reduces the risk of dementia http://brain.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/133/8/2210 (pdf). Here’s […]