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Playing with online privacy

Being aware of the information we share is an increasingly important consideration in our connected lives.  Many of us don’t really think about the digital footprints we leave or what organisations might do with the apparently trivial details they gather when we sign up for new products or services.  Many “free” offers are contingent on […]

Facebook scams

There’s a flurry of Facebook scams going around at the moment. They are irritating but harmless – merely reposting themselves on friend’s walls if clicked.  Their enticement seem to take two forms: the promise of learning who’s been viewing your profile or titillating content. Even though it might be desirable, no-one can see who’s been looking at […]

Who’s looking at you?

One of the most potent aspects of Facebook, and to a lesser extent Flickr,  Twitter and alike, is the opportunity it gives us to pry.  Like looking into curtainless windows after dark, we get a unique insight into the lives of other people.  We know they’re not faking their profiles – there are too many […]