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Kids, Social Media & Computer Games – A Guide for Grown Ups

As the parent of two young children, I’m often in conversation with other adults about the ways kids use technology.  We sometimes feel a bit out of our depth and almost intimated by the boundless confidence our children exhibit when engaging with games, apps and social media. However daunted we might feel, we can’t sit […]

The Potential of the Google Glass Classroom

A guest post by Bill Magana via Bluefire PR Google’s upcoming wearable computer heads-up display, Google Glass, may still be in the testing phases, but many educators are already considering the possibilities it could unlock in the classroom. Though the technology isn’t yet available to the public, BITE Interactive reports 10 percent of those surveyed said […]

Deeper digital learning

I saw this interesting infographic over at Getting Smart the other day. I think it makes some thought-provoking comments about how digital tools and techniques might make learning more profound.  I think the explanations are a bit little superficial (although that doesn’t mean that they are not accurate) so it would have been good to […]

Playing with online privacy

Being aware of the information we share is an increasingly important consideration in our connected lives.  Many of us don’t really think about the digital footprints we leave or what organisations might do with the apparently trivial details they gather when we sign up for new products or services.  Many “free” offers are contingent on […]

Why technology is failing in schools

Edudemic posted this collection of presentations recently describing not only why technology is failing to deliver real benefits in schools but more importantly, some ideas about how to fix it. Why it’s failing   The Future of Technology and Education   Changing Education with Web 2.0 tools   What are your experiences of using technology […]