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Random articles

Some of the random articles I’ve encountered in the last few weeks: Star Wars Lightsaber Weapon, Science Fact, Fiction from Tech News Daily Something we’ve always suspected: the beautiful London tube map isn’t the best way to navigate. From NYU United Kingdom and Ireland as seen from ISS 15 cool word illusions […]

Rapid content development

I am very privileged to be working on a project with the UN at the moment.  I am helping to develop a leadership programme for Head teachers. What makes this project particularly exciting and important is that these are Principals from schools inside Palestinian refugee camps. UNRWA supports nearly 700 schools across the Middle East for […]

Multiplatform & technology articles

Some of the recent articles I’ve seen about about multiplatform, transmedia and technology: Multiplatform Tools of attraction: creating multimedia content for games and TV shows. From the Guardian #multiplatform Ed Cotton: We Need Creative Hybrids – Why Transmedia Is Becoming Mandatory Transmedia Defining Transmedia Jeff Gomez – Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Business Paradigm […]

Social media articles

Some articles about social media from the last couple of weeks: Online relationships Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR The way Facebook changes relationships by Benjamin Cohen from C4 news Dangers of social groupthink: A case study in Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM and Social Business | CustomerThink Disconnecting 6 […]

Common passwords

In the graphic below are the most commonly used passwords (according to Lulzsec’s recent hack of user accounts).  The size of each password indicates its frequency of use. Is yours here? Click on the image for a better view. From dem358.

Multiplatform formats

I talk to people a lot about multiplatform productions and transmedia storytelling and one of the first points we discuss is the plethora of options available to producers.  All too often, multiplatform productions are a last minute addition to a TV show and are rarely more ambitious than a programme support website – merely offering […]

Facebook – Jack of all trades

I have the privilege and pleasure of helping out at the local youth group. On Monday we had our Christmas party.  I took some photos.  And put them onto Facebook – inevitably the online social hub of the group.  I also posted them on Flickr.  I received a note asking why I’d duplicated the effort.  […]