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Social media articles

Some articles about social media from the last couple of weeks:

Online relationships

Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR

The way Facebook changes relationships by Benjamin Cohen from C4 news

Dangers of social groupthink: A case study in Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM and Social Business | CustomerThink


6 reasons not to have a Facebook page

Take a holiday from your networks

Disconnecting in a too-connected world – BusinessWeek

Facebook’s face recognition technology (and how to turn it off):


Don’t Be a Weiner (or a Loser): Think Before You Post from Retrevo

Digital authorship, computers and writing

Independent Author Sells 1 Million Ebooks via Amazon

Anonymization remains strong tool for protecting privacy according to Canadian research.


7 objections to social media in learning (and answers) from Donald Clark

How social media and game mechanics can motivate students –

TED launches new platform for TEDx talks – beautiful way to discover the world’s top thinkers


Facebook Sees Big Traffic Drops in US and Canada as It Nears 700 Million Users Worldwide

Interesting tool from RAND to use social media to collect and analyse expert opinion

Online crime and sexual partner surveys ‘biased’ from BBC News

Iceland’s Citizens Are Writing Its New Constitution Online from Popular Science

So much for digital democracy: New Berkeley study finds elite viewpoints dominate online content