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TV – the social media

In the last few years, some commentators have predicted the death of television, some even championed it, declaring that it was obsolete – superseded by interactive media that offer true user participation. They cite massive user figures for the likes of Facebook, World of Warcraft as evidence that traditional media is on it’s way out. […]

This Week’s Review

Some of the articles that I’ve seen this week. Pathological internet use by teenagers can lead to depression according to School of Medicine, Sydney and SunYat-Sen University. http://archpedi.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/short/2010.159 Childhood traits predict adult behaviour according to report from University of California Riverside. http://newsroom.ucr.edu/news_item.html?action=page&id=2401 Behind the scenes of the museum…there’s real value.  Director of the National Media […]

Social Media in Education (Part 1)

I was fortunate to participate in the recent Social Media in Education podcamp at Doncaster College. In the midst of many people highlighting the benefits of social media, I speculated about the reasons so many initiatives from educational establishments fail to engage. Not to ridicule or condemn but to improve. This is about learning, after […]