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This Week’s Review

Some of the articles that I’ve seen this week.

Pathological internet use by teenagers can lead to depression according to School of Medicine, Sydney and SunYat-Sen University.

Childhood traits predict adult behaviour according to report from University of California Riverside.

Behind the scenes of the museum…there’s real value.  Director of the National Media Museum, Colin Philpott, argues the economic benefits of museums. 

Nieman Foundation from Harvard discusses whether Twitter can be a reliable source of news.

The flawed reporting behind headlines of eleven-year olds on the pill.

Short-sighted response from UK government regard IE6.

Russians face security scrackdown for crimes yet uncommitted.

Social media becomes the most common popular activity online, games come second according latest Neilsen research.

How games might improve literacy from the Reading Agency.

How the middle-class are about to be financially proletarianised from the Daily Telegraph of all places.

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