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Multiplatform & technology articles

Some of the recent articles I’ve seen about about multiplatform, transmedia and technology:


Tools of attraction: creating multimedia content for games and TV shows. From the Guardian #multiplatform

Ed Cotton: We Need Creative Hybrids – Why Transmedia Is Becoming Mandatory


Defining Transmedia

Jeff Gomez – Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Business Paradigm

How transmedia projects can help you make money


A Simple Way to Throw Applications Between Your Computer and Your Phone, While They’re Running | Popular Science

British Library launch classic book reading app. From BBC News

Kinect, Wii U, 3D and the future of the living room:

Exclusive (and magical) review on #iOS5 on #ipad

Disney Tactile Device Lets Games and Movies Literally Send Chills Down Your Spine | Popular Science