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Psychology & neuroscience articles

A selection of the articles thatI’ve seen about psychology and neuroscience recently:


Changes in brain circuitry play role in moral sensitivity as people grow up – UChicago News

Violent video games reduce brain response to violence and increase aggression according to Uni Missouri


Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR

The way Facebook changes relationships by Benjamin Cohen from C4 news


Autonomy, not money, makes us happy according to APA study

Income Disparity Makes People Unhappy – Association for Psychological Science

Lack of relationships, education top list of common American regrets according to Illinois study

According to research from Ohio, young adults get self-esteem boost from debt


Expertise insulates against bias. Research from Virginia

Viewers Look To TV Characters To Advise How To Talk About Sexual Health. Research from Ohio


7 things not to forget about change

Psychology & neuroscience: are we in a golden age or victims of neuromania?

Testing Improves Memory from Association for Psychological Science