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Play & games articles


Some of the articles that have caught my attention in the last couple of weeks:


Swings & Roundabouts in Whitehall: Pat Kane article for Play England’s Play Today

Wanted: More Playful Parents

Games & education

How social media and game mechanics can motivate students –

Computer Games and the Future of Assessment by Gee and Shaffer in latest WCER Research highlights

Storytelling in education and games

Video Games and Learning theory

Gates Foundation funding innovative education incl games

Serious Games: Can Gaming Teach Kids About Life?


Gamification time: What if everything was just a game? From BBC News

The ‘Gamification’ of education

Gamification: When two tribes go to work – The Independent

What Gamers Want: Researchers Develop Tool To Predict Player Behaviour. From NCSU


Kinder, Gentler Video Games May Actually Be Good For Players. From Ohio Uni

Violent video games reduce brain response to violence and increase aggression according to Uni Missouri

Proof video games aren’t for teens: Average Gamer Is 37 Years Old

The Role of Failure in Gameplay from Chris Bateman at iHobo

Re-Play: What can’t you play?


100 Learning Games Readings compiled by @deangroom

Great selection of games and learning resources from @instituteofplay


The Game Narratives Drinking Game.