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Play and games articles

Some of the articles about play and games that I have seen in the last few weeks.


Online Games & Interest-Driven Learning are Transformative for Today’s Young Learners by @constances

Three Qualities That Make Video Games Better Teachers Than Teachers from EdReach

Gamification time: What if everything were just a game? From BBC News via @jonkingsbury

Video Games and Learning « Sam Pabón’s Ed-Tech Zone

Parents are forgetting how to play with their children, study shows – article from The Guardian last year

Video Games Help Learning Difficulties – PC Advisor

The British secretary for education Michael Gove and video games as a tool for learning>


Celebrity Calamity! – a game about financial literacy via @mcdanger

@SixtoStart and BBC team Up for “The Code Challenge” @bbccode from ARGNet

Video: A Fast-Moving Video Game Played On Scrolls of Printer Paper from Popular Science

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