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Psychology & Neuroscience articles

NCSU research: Study Shows Sports Can Help Communities Recover From Disaster

Distract Yourself or Think It Over? Two Ways to Deal with Negative Emotions from Association for Psychological Science

Too much choice is a bad thing – Journal of Public Economics

Snooze you win? It’s true according to Stanford reseasrch

The sharing of stories or information may be driven in part by arousal according to new study.

Text message support for smokers doubles quit rates. From the Lancet.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs key to wellbeing but order unimportant – University of Illinois

Practising a little can make lasting impact on brain according to study from McMaster Uni.

Being born & raised in a city is associated with greater lifetime risk for anxiety & mood disorder. From Nature.

Multi-tasking not all it’s “cracked up” to be? Stanford Study shows?

Learning Styles: The Cognitive Side of Content by Johnny Holland

Teens still learning to plan ahead from Child Development journal

Youth cybercrime linked to friends’ influence from Michigan State University


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