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Creativity Review

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Here are some recent articles about creativity.

Creativity and children

Compares how adults are trying to improve their own creativity with how the lack of play strips creativity from children. 

Looks at how children may be forced out of creativity, finishes with some tips to maintain creative thinking. 

Creativity and self

Looks at three factors that could influence your creativity. 

Amanda Enayati looks at the value of creativity as well as looking at techniques an adult could employ to become more creative.

Creativity within work

Summarises a few ideas that may help to improve company creativity. 

Steven Kotler looks at the factors a boss should look for in order to hire a creative person, as supported by research done by social psychologists. 

Motivations of creativity

Uses research and scientific opinion to look at the purpose and potential benefits of allowing one’s mind to wonder. 

Looks at how creative output is influenced by personal passion.

Practical creativity

Looks at the suggestion that constantly filling time in order to be productive may be stifling creativity and reducing thinking time. 

Comments on creativity

Creative art as bolstered by technology, see a few examples of digital creativity to the max.

Looks at good/bad waste and how it can inspire creativity, as well as technology. 


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