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Making your workplace more creative

Creativity is the heart of any successful business. The ability to imagine and develop new approaches, products and ways of thinking is crucial to the longterm sustainability and profitability of any organisation. Some of our ability to be creative depends on psychology, some on working practice, some on the space we use. (Please note, I […]

29 Ways to Stay Creative

I’ve just picked up on this lovely infographic from Islam Abudaoud. Islam has done a great job of visualising 29 well known ways to spark your creativity. There’s lots of surprisingly simple tips here, although of course, there’ll always be new research to challenge the efficacy of each idea (such as coffee not being a […]

Creativity Review

Here are some recent articles about creativity. Creativity and children Why Are We Raising Robots? | Let Children Play Compares how adults are trying to improve their own creativity with how the lack of play strips creativity from children.  Why children lose their creativity | Stltoday Looks at how children may be forced out of creativity, finishes […]

Creativity review

There is a continuous stream of research studies and articles about creativity that catch my eye.  Here are some recent pieces that have caught my attention.  Hope you find them useful. Creativity and children Despite less play, children’s use of imagination increases over two decades according to research Looks into the reality of the idea […]

Creativity review

Here are some recent articles that I’ve read about creativity.  It’s a thriving area of concern and I’ll continue to track items that catch my eye – a collection of theory and practice. Please let me know if you see any others of note that I can add! Creativity and children Ten Suggestions for Raising […]

Beach games

During the summer I went to North Wales with the youth group I help lead. While we were away, we played lots of games. Not high-tech, computer-based games but real-world, physical games. It was a timely reminder to me that play, even for teenagers, does not always depend on bits and bytes but can happily […]

Even better if

I have the pleasure and privilege of working with all sorts of people. I’m continually learning from them. On my piece of work for the UN, I am collaborating with a long-time friend, Karen Ardley. Karen has successfully run her own business, Karen Ardley Associates, for many years now and is one of the UK’s […]

Risk-taking reality

I am working with the University of Bradford to think about creativity and it’s got me thinking about risk-taking.  If creativity is about doing something new, something fresh, something novel, then inevitably it includes a degree of risk: the risk that the idea won’t solve the problem, the risk that it’s different to expectations, that […]