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Creativity review


There is a continuous stream of research studies and articles about creativity that catch my eye.  Here are some recent pieces that have caught my attention.  Hope you find them useful.

Creativity and children

Despite less play, children’s use of imagination increases over two decades according to research
Looks into the reality of the idea that modern children suffer creatively based on the work of psychologists.

Play Declines and then Creativity Rises? No Way! | Psychology Today
Discusses the research that suggests despite the decrease in playing, children’s imagination has increased. Looks especially at the role of technology in play. 

Creativity and self

9 Summer Activities to Spark Your Creativity | World of Psychology
Nine activities that should indulge your creative spirit. 

Creativity within work

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Systrom, And The Science of Creativity | Forbes
Looks at how pursuing multiple interests may in fact improve one’s creativity in a specific field. 

How Collaboration Can Kill Creativity | Policy Mic 
Introspective look at whether collaboration and teamwork really allows one to foster a creative mindset or produce creative ideas. 

Motivations within creativity

Why Weird Experiences Boost Creativity | Huffington Post
Using the research of social psychologists, it studies the suggestion that weird experiences allow a person to think more creatively. 

Creativity: Why You Should Seek Out Unusual or Downright Weird Experiences | PsyBlog 
Article looks at how diversifying experiences may help boost a person’s creativity. 

Rejection May Fuel Creativity | LiveScience
With scientific evidence suggests that certain types of people may gain creatively from rejection. 

Social Rejection Can Fuel Creativity | Psychology Today 
Looks at the psychology of rejection provoking creativity within an individual. 

Creativity and compensation

The two links below are in response to this original post.

Great post on the need to pay for creative work | The Trichordist

A letter written in response to the idea that one does not have to pay for their music. The writer believes in paying for music to support and compensate creative artists. 

Paying for Creativity | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine 
Is an opinion on whether creative types deserve compensation for their work, when it is at times available for free. Responds to the two previous blog posts. 


Good Videos On Creativity | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… 
Two videos by Jonah Lehrer analysing creativity, its nature, the history, and how to access it. 

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