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Creativity review

Here are some recent articles that I’ve read about creativity.  It’s a thriving area of concern and I’ll continue to track items that catch my eye – a collection of theory and practice.

Please let me know if you see any others of note that I can add!

Creativity and children

Ten Suggestions for Raising Creative Kids | The Creativity Post
Nine advisory suggestions to help your child’s creativity.

Top 7 Ways To Engage & Encourage Your Toddler’s Creativity | Toddler Times
Seven ways to encourage a toddler’s creative development in a way that needs little direction or intrusion.

Creativity and self

Stuck? The 4 Things Killing Your Creativity | Huffington Post
Four strategies to bolster your creative spirit.

Creativity within work

Why Creativity Blocks Happen (and How to Overcome Them) | Lifehacker
Identifies several creative blocks, proposes some solutions and advises how to implement them in a working environment.

Career Coach: How to avoid killing creativity in meetings | The Washington Post
Looks at how to ensure a meeting maintains a creative focus with special attention paid to managers and presenting projects.

Creativity drivers

The Science of “Chunking,” Working Memory, and How Pattern Recognition Fuels Creativity | Brain Pickings
Explores the idea that pattern recognition (or ‘chunking’) is the source of human creativity.

The Science of Expectation: Using Humor To Understand Creativity | The Creativity Post
Using the science of jokes, looks at the formula for successful creativity.

The Role of Intuition and Imagination in Scientific Discovery and Creativity: A 1957 Guide | Brain Pickings
Takes significant quotes from prolific figures and correlates an idea of how creativity and thinking is formed. 

Practical creativity

The Creativity of Getting Things Done | GTD Times
Looks at ways in which being creative may actually prevent people from getting things done. With a few suggestions to prevent this.

Comments on creativity

British creativity has not gone quiet, it’s just struggling to be heard by Ray Filar | Guardian
Looks at the potential focus on hyper-nostalgia in the UK, as well as looking at the new forms of creative output that the new generation is producing. 

Is there creative life outside London? BJL’s Pete Bastiman considers the possibility | The Drum
Is a written response to the idea that you cannot be creative in advertising outside London and the relative importance of location. 







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