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Underage gaming

I received this note from a friend recently, I wanted to share it and my reply because I think this is an important issue for parents and children. “A lot of children in my son’s class are playing games well above their age, specifically call of duty. My son is 9. He was shown it […]

A degree of value?

Today the UK parliament votes to triple fees to study for a higher education degree. Given the composition of the House of Commons, the outcome of the vote is largely predictable. The effect on future generations is less clear. When student tuition fees were introduced in 2006, Universities UK (UUK), the representative organisation for the […]

Where success counts

Last week I listened to two fascinating talks from TEDxSheffield.  The first was by Richard St John based on his book, The 8 traits successful people have in common (Amazon link).  St John  describes the results of an extensive survey he’s conducted of the world’s most successful people – leaders from all fields and walks […]