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Childhood & Family articles

Special needs students and their teachers are the victims of a “muddled” approach to schooling, says Leicester Uni

Socioeconomic status as child dictates response to stress as adult according to University of Minnesota

Parents are forgetting how to play with their children, study shows – article from The Guardian last year

Teenage web habits: slaves to social networking but not so keen on apps, according to article in Guardian

Infants Learn To Transfer Knowledge By 16 Months, OSU Study Finds

Surprisingly useful advice from Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine via @darrenbristow

Supportive home learning experiences in the early years boost low-income children’s readiness for school. From NYU.

Being born & raised in a city is associated with greater lifetime risk for anxiety & mood disorder. From Nature.

The quality of preschoolers’ social interactions is influenced by the ethnicity of the playmate. From Montreal Uni.

Parents prefer media content ratings system in national study led by Iowa State Uni

How parents communicate with teenagers on mobiles gives insight into relationship according to study

New study suggests that kids who eat sweets are *less* overweight than those that don’t.

Informal daycare may harm kids’ cognitive development, Chicago Uni study finds (pdf)

One-Fifth of Grandparents Use Social Networks [STUDY] from @mashable

Teens still learning to plan ahead from Child Development journal

Youth cybercrime linked to friends’ influence from Michigan State University