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Rapid content development

I am very privileged to be working on a project with the UN at the moment.  I am helping to develop a leadership programme for Head teachers. What makes this project particularly exciting and important is that these are Principals from schools inside Palestinian refugee camps. UNRWA supports nearly 700 schools across the Middle East for […]

Psychology & neuroscience articles

A selection of the articles thatI’ve seen about psychology and neuroscience recently: Morality Changes in brain circuitry play role in moral sensitivity as people grow up – UChicago News Violent video games reduce brain response to violence and increase aggression according to Uni Missouri Relationships Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : […]

Childhood articles

Some of the articles about children and childhood that I’ve seen in the last few weeks: Parents & preschool Wanted: More Playful Parents Supportive home learning experiences in the early years boost low-income children’s readiness for school. From NYU. Parents prefer media content ratings system in national study led by Iowa State Uni […]

Social justice articles

Some of the articles about social justice that I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks: Not quite one person, one vote. Stanford paper on democratic discrepancies So much for digital democracy: New Berkeley study finds elite viewpoints dominate online content Prisoners give their time back to community in pioneering project Death by […]

Play & games articles

Some of the articles that have caught my attention in the last couple of weeks: Play Swings & Roundabouts in Whitehall: Pat Kane article for Play England’s Play Today Wanted: More Playful Parents Games & education How social media and game mechanics can motivate students – Computer Games and the Future of […]

Failed Sim

I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending and presenting at this year’s Games + Learning + Society conference in Madison, WI. My talk was one in the wonderfully honest, encouraging and educational strand, Hall of Failures.  The strand was an opportunity to share experiences of projects that have delivered surprising results or haven’t […]

Families that play together

There’s a lot of research that seems to state the blindingly obvious but sometimes it is reassuring to discover that our innate beliefs are sound.  Like having a local park improves your health or this piece from Concordia University published in the journal Family Relations that reminds us that families that play together are more […]

A degree of value?

Today the UK parliament votes to triple fees to study for a higher education degree. Given the composition of the House of Commons, the outcome of the vote is largely predictable. The effect on future generations is less clear. When student tuition fees were introduced in 2006, Universities UK (UUK), the representative organisation for the […]

Creativity, Wooing Women and Disneyland

The evolutionary psychologist, Geoffrey Miller, has published many papers speculating about the development of human creativity – that is, why would we evolve in such a way that we create apparently wasteful artefacts such as art, poetry, humour and music?  According to Miller it is all about the Mating Mind – it’s peacock feathers and […]

1 in 3 a gamer

On the MCV website today, the UK trade body, UKIE, speculates that 1 in 3 of UK population is now a ‘gamer.’* I’m sure they are attempting to challenge and dispel the stereotype of the teenage boy hunched over a console in his bedroom. It’s the games industry’s attempt to mainstream and normalise gaming. Changing […]