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Social media articles

Some articles about social media from the last couple of weeks: Online relationships Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR The way Facebook changes relationships by Benjamin Cohen from C4 news Dangers of social groupthink: A case study in Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM and Social Business | CustomerThink Disconnecting 6 […]

Social justice articles

Some of the articles about social justice that I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks: Not quite one person, one vote. Stanford paper on democratic discrepancies So much for digital democracy: New Berkeley study finds elite viewpoints dominate online content Prisoners give their time back to community in pioneering project Death by […]

Tweets this week

Some of the articles that have caught my eye this week. Games The seduction secrets of video game designers from The Observer Interesting article from @gamasutra – Unsocial ‘Social’ Games RT @dripster: “Hollywood shuns intelligent entertainment. The games industry doesn’t. Guess who’s winning?” Psychology Value of art? Men who visit galleries, museums & theatre enjoy better health […]

Facebook scams

There’s a flurry of Facebook scams going around at the moment. They are irritating but harmless – merely reposting themselves on friend’s walls if clicked.  Their enticement seem to take two forms: the promise of learning who’s been viewing your profile or titillating content. Even though it might be desirable, no-one can see who’s been looking at […]

Multiplatform formats

I talk to people a lot about multiplatform productions and transmedia storytelling and one of the first points we discuss is the plethora of options available to producers.  All too often, multiplatform productions are a last minute addition to a TV show and are rarely more ambitious than a programme support website – merely offering […]

New connections; common ideas

One of the joys of being able to publish ideas online is the ability to make entirely new connections with people one would never otherwise meet. This weekend I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced (virtually) to two really interesting thinkers and practitioners in fields of play and learning – Lois Holzman and Jim Martinez.  […]

Six word story

I love the way that we can use new technologies to make learning and creativity more accessible.  Six word story is a great example.  The premise is self-explanatory and the storytelling takes place on Twitter. The thing I like most about it is the parsimony of the format – you can’t be flabby or lazy […]

Who’s looking at you?

One of the most potent aspects of Facebook, and to a lesser extent Flickr,  Twitter and alike, is the opportunity it gives us to pry.  Like looking into curtainless windows after dark, we get a unique insight into the lives of other people.  We know they’re not faking their profiles – there are too many […]

Facebook – Jack of all trades

I have the privilege and pleasure of helping out at the local youth group. On Monday we had our Christmas party.  I took some photos.  And put them onto Facebook – inevitably the online social hub of the group.  I also posted them on Flickr.  I received a note asking why I’d duplicated the effort.  […]