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Social Justice articles

Upwards social mobility reduces stress – Journal of Epidemiology & Community Heath UC Research Points to Best Practices to Reduce Recidivism Socioeconomic status as child dictates response to stress as adult according to University of Minnesota High technology, not low taxes, may drive states’ economic growth. Penn State research. Death by […]

Play and games articles

Some of the articles about play and games that I have seen in the last few weeks. Theory Online Games & Interest-Driven Learning are Transformative for Today’s Young Learners by @constances Three Qualities That Make Video Games Better Teachers Than Teachers from EdReach Gamification time: What if everything were just a game? From […]

Social Media articles

Some of the social media articles that have caught my eye in the last few weeks: Behaviour People will more pay for online privacy according Carnegie Mellon study. Parents behaviour on Facebook no better than their children’s. University of Guelph One-Fifth of Grandparents Use Social Networks [STUDY] from @mashable Five ways to […]

Random articles

Some of the random articles I’ve encountered in the last few weeks: Star Wars Lightsaber Weapon, Science Fact, Fiction from Tech News Daily Something we’ve always suspected: the beautiful London tube map isn’t the best way to navigate. From NYU United Kingdom and Ireland as seen from ISS 15 cool word illusions […]

Multiplatform & technology articles

Some of the recent articles I’ve seen about about multiplatform, transmedia and technology: Multiplatform Tools of attraction: creating multimedia content for games and TV shows. From the Guardian #multiplatform Ed Cotton: We Need Creative Hybrids – Why Transmedia Is Becoming Mandatory Transmedia Defining Transmedia Jeff Gomez – Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Business Paradigm […]

Psychology & neuroscience articles

A selection of the articles thatI’ve seen about psychology and neuroscience recently: Morality Changes in brain circuitry play role in moral sensitivity as people grow up – UChicago News Violent video games reduce brain response to violence and increase aggression according to Uni Missouri Relationships Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : […]

Childhood articles

Some of the articles about children and childhood that I’ve seen in the last few weeks: Parents & preschool Wanted: More Playful Parents Supportive home learning experiences in the early years boost low-income children’s readiness for school. From NYU. Parents prefer media content ratings system in national study led by Iowa State Uni […]

Social media articles

Some articles about social media from the last couple of weeks: Online relationships Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR The way Facebook changes relationships by Benjamin Cohen from C4 news Dangers of social groupthink: A case study in Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM and Social Business | CustomerThink Disconnecting 6 […]

Social justice articles

Some of the articles about social justice that I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks: Not quite one person, one vote. Stanford paper on democratic discrepancies So much for digital democracy: New Berkeley study finds elite viewpoints dominate online content Prisoners give their time back to community in pioneering project Death by […]

Learning articles

Some of the articles about learning that have caught my eye: How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education A pedagogy of abundance. How HE might manage an abundance of content from @mweller 11 Great Reasons to Skip College Storytelling in education and games Computer Games and the Future of Assessment by Gee […]